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The Special Commission of Inquiry
into Healthcare Funding


The Special Commission of Inquiry into Healthcare Funding has been receiving submissions from health sector representative bodies, service providers, health staff and practitioners, the general public and interested parties on matters relevant to its Terms of Reference.

Submissions are an essential part of the Inquiry process, allowing the Inquiry to consider a wide range of perspectives and evidence.

Please note that submissions received by the Inquiry are not automatically made public. The Inquiry may decide to release all or part of a submission publicly, considering factors such as the sensitivity of the information, the relevance to the inquiry, and the public interest.

This page is subject to being updated throughout the course of the inquiry. The Commissioner may revise or remove submissions from this list, as necessary.

Listing of Submissions

The deadline for submitting submissions has now closed. However, the Commissioner may still consider late submissions in exceptional circumstances. If you wish to seek an extension to make a late submission, please email [email protected].

Late submissions, if they have been arranged with the Inquiry team, may be lodged by email to [email protected].